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The Voyage Continues!


Finishing the east coast

Friday, March 30th to Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

What a trip! The weather stays unusually cold most of the way as we continue north. From Oriental, NC we head to Belhaven, NC and stay at a nice marina called River Forest and explore the town. It is one of the few stops along the way where we have seen a town improve since we last visited it 6 years ago bringing Silver Maple down the coast.


Silver Maple (right) on the dock at River Dunes in Oriental, NC

IMG_0013 (2)

Osprey keeps an eye on us as we depart from Oriental, NC


Bouncy ride on the way to Belhaven, NC


Randy at the River Forest Marina in Belhaven, NC with Silver Maple on the dock behind


This is the River Forest Marina and event center in Belhaven, NC. Clearly, not your typical marina!


Silver Maple looking lonely in Belhaven, NC

The  next morning we head towards the Pungo-Alligator Canal and Alligator River. When we get to the Alligator River Marina, we meet a nice couple, Sophie and Stephane from France on their trawler named Troll. We have cocktails together and then meet them for dinner again at our next stop in Coinjock, NC.

Beautiful calm morning on the Pungo River leaving Behaven, NC
IMG_0045 (2)

Coyote crosses the canal in front of us swimming as fast as he can to get out of our way


Danger? What danger? Hmmm…


Captain enjoying some down-time on the deck through the Pungo-Alligator Canal


Water is red/brown as if there is blood in it

IMG_0055 (2)

Coast guard does a fly-by


When we exit the canal and enter the Alligator River, the wind picks up and so the sails go up too. Yeah!


The Alligator River Marina is very modest — basically it is a gas station with some docks


Silver Maple at the Alligator River Marina at sunset


Silver Maple with Troll (Sophie and Stephane from France) at the Alligator River Marina

Sophie and Stephane passing us the next day in the Albemarle Sound


Dinner at the Coinjock Marina restaurant with Sophie and Stephane (Troll) from France

From Coinjock, it is on to Portsmouth/Norfolk, VA marking the end of the Inter-Coastal Waterway (ICW) and the Carolinas. It is a beautiful calm day with Ospreys nesting on almost every channel marker. But, it is a hectic managing the timing of multiple bridge openings and a lock, so we are pushing Silver Maple’s engine hard.

We spend a day in Norfolk exploring and waiting out bad weather, then carry on to our next stop at Deltaville, VA. In Deltaville, the weather turns bad again so we stay put for a few more days before heading to Solomons, MD. The Chesapeake Bay is cold, windy and wavy both days we are on it. Heading to Annapolis from Solomons, our last day on the water is probably our roughest day yet.




Beautiful calm day on the canal with only being the ones we make


Nesting pair


Flying away as we approach


Watching us from the tree as we go by


The water is like glass — gorgeous!


Amazingly calm


Like a big mirror


Waiting for the bridge to open so we can make a dash to catch the opening of the next bridge


You can take the boy out of the country, but…


Coming into Norfolk the scenery changes quickly to a busy port of military and ship building


Working on an Aircraft Carrier


…and Destroyers


Making us look small


In Portsmouth, VA the town across the river from Norfolk


Walking along with river in Portsmouth looking across to an Aircraft Carrier in Norfolk


The city of Norfolk, VA from across the river


Silver Maple on the dock in Portsmouth, VA at the Tidewater Marina


This little guy spends a lot of time looking up at us over the rails of Silver Maple on the dock. Apparently, he has learned that people on boats feed him, so of course we do!


Ferry to cross the river from Portsmouth to Norfolk


Lee and Randy on the ferry


Approaching the Nauticus and Naval Museum with the Battleship Wisconsin


Big ship


Would be interesting to have an office with that pointed at you


Tomahawk missile launcher on board


From the ground it looks even bigger


Silver Maple at sunset in Portsmouth, VA



Leaving Norfolk and heading out towards the Chesapeake Bay


Up close and personal with the Coast Guard as we leave Norfolk


Cold morning as we pass the Aircraft Carriers docked in Norfolk as we leave

IMG_0167 (2)

We get passed by this strange looking military vehicle. Amphibious?


Lighthouse in Chesapeake Bay


Bouncy ride from Norfolk, VA to Deltaville, VA


Busy shipping channel on the Chesapeake. We have to change course to get out of this guy’s way…


Captain takes a little nap at the helm

IMG_0186 (2)

Lots of military aircraft fly overhead as we approach Solomons, MD


Silver Maple on the dock at Zahniser Marina in Solomons, MD


Last day on the Chesapeake is our roughest yet (click photo below to view video)

When we get to Annapolis, MD, we take 4 days to pack up all of our belongings and move off of Silver Maple. Our friends, Ruth and Bruce drive down with their trailer from Canada. We load it up and say goodbye to Silver Maple. The drive home is a bit treacherous with snow and freezing rain.


Packing up!


Randy packing up the storage locker


Silver Maple on the dock at Bert Jabin’s Boatyard and Marina in Annapolis


Bert Jabin’s is busy putting boats into the water for spring launch


The harbour has sailboats as far as the eye can see…


Ruth and Bruce to the rescue! They drive their truck and trailer down from Canada to get us.


Out for dinner in Annapolis with Ruth and Bruce. Happy 34th Anniversary guys!


Last look at Silver Maple (far side of dock on left) in Annapolis


Rain and sleet on Hwy 401 after we cross the border back into Canada


It is snow on Hwy 507 as we get close to home


Winter wonderland at home when we arrive. Perhaps we are home too early…


Randy gets the tracter out to clear the snow


Trailer with all of Silver Maple’s contents waiting to be unloaded and unpacked

Now back at home, winter is still in full swing. Lots of unpacking to do to keep us busy until spring arrives. Which, hopefully, will be sooner rather than later…




Visiting the cold Carolinas

Saturday, March 17th to Friday, March 30th, 2018

It has been a challenging few weeks of cold. Is spring coming …ever? We continue to take our time moving up the coast in hopes that it will warm up. Temperatures have been 10 to 15 degrees F. below normal and very windy. When we started this trip we had planned to do sections of it out in the ocean, but the weather just hasn’t made that possible and we continue to putter our way slowly up the Inter-coastal Waterway (ICW).

After a fun visit in Charleston, we continue north. When we hit Georgetown, NC they are expecting thunderstorms and tornadoes, so we leave the boat for a couple of days, rent a car and drive up to visit our friends, Ellen and Doug at their place in Huntersville, NC (just outside Charlotte).

IMG_0008 (1)

Silver Maple (right) at sunrise on the morning we leave the dock at Charleston, SC

IMG_0016 (1)

Passing the beautiful Charleston homes as we leave

IMG_0031 (2)

Lee sees her first alligator! We pass this guy along the ICW in South Carolina.

IMG_0032 (1)

Love the pelicans!

IMG_0037 (2)

IMG_0041 (1)

Randy enjoying some brief sunshine at the bar before the storms hit in Georgetown, NC

IMG_0045 (2)

Great visit with Ellen and Doug at their new home in Huntersville, NC

Once the weather clears, we are on our way again through some of the pretty parts of the ICW. It continues to be cold — in the 30s F. at night and the 40s and low 50s F. during the day with high winds. In St. James Plantation near Wilmington, NC we stop for a day of golf. Our great golf pro, Doug Hammer, at Troon North in Scottsdale arranged for us to play the beautiful Reserve course in St. James. It is a cold day, but well worth it. Thanks Doug!


Some of the prettiest parts of the ICW as we head to Myrtle Beach, SC

IMG_0008 (2)



Lee and Randy at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach for some dinner and music


Sunrise over Myrtle Beach, SC


Captain doing his stay warm dance

IMG_0029 (2)

This poor guy was walking along the beach looking lonely on a small strip of land between the ICW and ocean


Passing large dredging equipment on the Inter-Coastal Waterway (ICW) in South Carolina


Along the way we still see what looks like damage from hurricanes


Ready for a day of golf at St. James Plantation in North Carolina


Cold day for golf but lots of fun

After our golf break, we continue through North Carolina, passing through the Cape Fear River, visiting Wrightsville Beach, Swansboro, and Beaufort. We now have just 200 miles to Norfolk, VA where the ICW ends and we enter the Chesapeake. Yesterday the weather finally warmed up enough to remove some layers. Woohoo!


Lots of birds along the ICW

IMG_0052 (2)

Being passed by the ferry on the Cape Fear River


We are shadowed by this security boat as we pass a military base on the Cape Fear River


Silver Maple on the dock at Wrightsville, NC


Osprey by its nest on an ICW marker


Bundled for the cold, we look like we are dressed for skiing not sailing!

IMG_0070 (2)

Sure looks like a loon! We’ve seen a few on the ICW, but we don’t hear anything calling at night. Do they come this far south?

IMG_0071 (2)

As we pass Camp Lejeune in North Carolina we see lots of military aircraft

IMG_0076 (2)

Helicopters pass nearby at Camp Lejeune


No lights flashing so it is safe to carry on. Whew!

IMG_0081 (2)

We hear lots of loud ‘booms’ as we pass, so they are firing something…


Silver Maple on the dock at Swansboro, NC


Happy Captain

IMG_0097 (2)

Captain enjoying a margarita on the deck in Beaufort, NC


Marker 200! Two hundred miles to Norfolk, VA.


Its warming up so layers start to come off

IMG_0101 (2)

…and another one


ICW follows a beautiful creek as we approach the Pamlico Sound in NC


Sailing in Pamlico Sound

IMG_0108 (2)

It is nice to see lots of other sailboats as we pass Oriental, NC. It has been pretty quiet since we are ahead of most boats heading north.

Now in Oriental, NC at the lovely Grace Marina at River Dunes, we are once again waiting out bad weather. We had hoped to carry on tomorrow but now looks like it might be another day here. Not to worry. It is a very nice place and we are enjoying the break. Cheers!


It is cold! Georgia to South Carolina

Wednesday, March 7th to Friday, March 16th, 2018

Well, we certainly weren’t expecting this! It has been cold, cold, cold through most of Florida, and now Georgia and South Carolina. Still we are making tracks, though admittedly we are doing it very slowly in hopes that spring will arrive up north and the storms will pass before we get there.

We have a great time touring around Jekyll Island, GA on bicycles. This island was historically used as a playground of the rich with many beautiful ‘cottages’ and a large Club House. Thankfully, the weather warms up a bit and it is a beautiful day to see the island.


Silver Maple on the dock on Jekyll Island, SC

IMG_0006 (2)

Jekyll Island is a great place to ride bicycles


First transcontinental call was made from Jekyll Island in 1915


The Spanish moss hanging from the trees gives the place some great character


The Jekyll Island Club House for the rich and famous, is now a hotel


Lovely day!


We take a tour of the Rockefeller ‘cottage’ called Indian Mound on Jekyll Island


The former club house diningroom unfortunately requires jackets for the gentlemen and dresses for the ladies — not something we have on the boat, so guess we will have to take a pass this time (ha!)


Some rooms still have the upscale hunting lodge feel


Randy pretending to be a Rockefeller sitting on the porch of the Club House

IMG_0039 (2)

Exclusive multi-family residences are considered to be some of the first condos


The wharf where the boats arrived bringing people from the mainland is now a nice, casual restaurant

From Jekyll Island, we head to Wallberg Creek, GA and then on to Thunderbold, GA just outside of Savannah. On the way, our mileage on Silver Maple passes the 5000 mile point. Wow!


Another windy and cold day travelling form Jekyll Island to St. Simons Island, GA


Lee bundled up trying to stay warm


Settled on the dock in St. Simons the next morning after a windy arrival the day before


The Morningstar Marina on St. Simons Island, GA


Captain still uses paper charts as back-up for navigation


Lots of technology including iPad and full Raymarine navigation system on the boat too


Back on the water leaving St. Simons Island and heading towards Wallberg Creek, GA


The Inter-Coastal Waterway (ICW) in Georgia is mostly through marsh areas

IMG_0079 (2)

Lots of birds


Water fowl on the shore as we pass (Heron?)

IMG_0098 (2)

The buoys marking crab traps make navigation even more challenging. Birds like them to rest on.


Passing barge traffic


Anchoring in Wallberg Creek, GA

IMG_0108 (2)

Dolphins visit us in the anchorage


A calm day on the ICW as we head towards Thunderbolt, GA which is just outside of Savannah, GA


Channel markers make great bird perches


Finally, a nicer day!


Approaching Hell’s Gate, one of the notoriously shallow spots on the ICW. Georgia is frustrating to navigate because there are so many areas where the depth is so low we can only traverse when the tide is up.

While in Thunderbolt, we take a day to tour around Savannah, GA. What a great city! All of the squares give it a very peaceful feeling. And, the weather warms up a bit for us again for the day. Woohoo!


Safe and sound at Thunderbolt Marina just outside of Savannah, GA


Randy with our Segway Tour Guide, Ray in Savannah, GA


Fountains in Savannah have been dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day

IMG_0137 (2)

Lee and Randy on Jones Street, historically one of the most prestigious streets in Savannah and where we get the phrase ‘keeping up with the Jones’


The flowers are blooming in Savannah


Beautiful hedges!


Lee and Randy in front of the ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ house


Savannah is a really nice, livable city built around 22 squares


Spot where the bus stop bench Forest Gump sat on eating his chocolates in the movie


Hey, we have a square!

From Thunderbolt, we do a very short trip to Hilton Head, SC marking the end of Georgia. Whew! The shallow depth of the Inter-Coastal Waterway in Georgia makes it very challenging.

Bad weather and gales are moving in later in the day, so we want to get tied to the dock as soon as possible.


Back on the water, we approach some traffic on the Savannah River


We won’t argue with him!


The lovely Harbour Town Marina in Hilton Head, SC. We are out of Georgia!


Silver Maple on the dock in Hilton Head next to our next boat… maybe?

From Hilton Head, we take off for Beaufort, SC. which is another very short run. And, then the next day we head towards Charleston, SC. This turns out to be a horrible day. Its cold, in the 40s and 50sF. Its windy, with up to 30 mph winds. And, its a long day where we are on the water early and don’t get in until the early evening. We are so glad to get to the St. John’s Yacht Harbour Marina just outside of Charleston.


Cold again as we head from Hilton Head to Beaufort, SC


Lots of military aircraft around

IMG_0197 (2)

Pelicans still around even in the cold


Wow! That’s cold!

IMG_0201 (2)

Fighter jets overhead


Bridge opens as we approach our marina in Beaufort, SC.


Nice little town with beautiful old homes


Heading from Beaufort, SC towards Charleston, SC. What’s with the cold!??

We take the next day to visit Charleston. Love that city!


Sunrise at the St. John’s Yacht Harbor Marina just outside Charleston, SC


Lunch at 82 Queen in Charleston, SC.


Charleston, SC is one of our favourite cities with beautiful old homes and great food


These houses are know as The Three Sisters


Silver Maple safe and sound on the dock at the St. John’s Yacht Harbor Marina


Noisy neighbours on the dock at the St. John’s Yacht Harbour Marina

Today, we are still on the dock at St. John’s Yacht Harbour. We will be moving Silver Maple later this afternoon into the a marina in Charleston where we will be meeting up with our friends, Doug and Ellen from Charlotte, NC. Looking forward to seeing them!

Tomorrow we will be back on the water!



Lyon family visit the Bahamas and moving Silver Maple north

Tuesday, February 13th to Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

A warning in advance, it has been a long time since we last posted so this will be a long one. Time is passing so quickly it has been challenging to keep up with it all. We had a great visit with the Lyon family in February for four days — Stacia, Paul and the two 10-year olds, Celia and Andrew. It is the most people we have ever had on Silver Maple, but it was a blast. So glad Stacia and Paul made the trip down to the Bahamas with the family.

When they arrive we pick them up in Marsh Harbour and head to Fishers Bay, Great Guana Cay, to anchor out. We have lunch at Grabbers Restaurant and then hit the beach for some time playing in the waves. The Lyons seem to have no trouble jumping right in to the slower pace of life in the Bahamas. Well done!


The Lyon family having just arrived, we hit the water to make it out of the harbour on the high tide and head to Great Guana Cay, Abacos, The Bahamas. Andrew is at the helm!


Captain Randy with his new crew on deck


Getting into the island pace of life at Grabbers on Great Guana Cay


Celia and Andrew with their coconut collection on Great Guana Cay

IMG_0019 (2)

Celia ready for the waves on Nippers Beach, Great Guana Cay


Andrew survives a wave hit

IMG_0039 (2)

Stacia looking lovely walking the beach in front of Nippers

IMG_0047 (2)

Fun in the water with Dad

The next morning we head to Lubbers Quarters for some snorkeling on an old sunken barge and then off to Tahiti Beach to anchor for the night. The following day, we make our way to Hope Town and stay a few days at the Hope Town Inn and Marina. While there, we climb the lighthouse, spend time on the beach and go to the Hope Town Song Writers Music Festival at the Abaco Inn. What a fun time!


Sunrise over Great Guana Cay


Celia at the helm as we sail towards Lubbers Quarters


The men on deck


Celia and Andrew getting salty


A dolphin swims along side of us on the way to Lubbers Quarters


The ladies with the conch shell


Celia blowing the conch horn at sunset at Tahiti Beach to ensure the sun will rise the next morning


Celia and Andrew on the deck having a good time


New sailors!

20180217_123450 (2)

Stacia and Lee chillin’ at the pool at the Hope Town Inn


Andrew watching the Manatee at the dock at the Hope Town Marina


The Lyon family in front of the Hope Town lighthouse, the last remaining kerosene burning lighthouse in the world


Beautiful Hope Town Harbour from the lighthouse


At the top!


Picnic on the beach on Elbow Cay


Listening to the performance at the Songwriters Festival

IMG_0097 (3)

The whole group at the Hope Town Song Writers Festival


Enjoying the waves on the beach on Elbow Cay near the Abaco Inn after the Song Writers Festival


Nothing better than family beach time!


Some nice folks give us a ride back the two miles into town from the Song Writers Festival in the back of their truck


The whole crew on the marina shuttle back to Silver Maple after the festival

20180218_171834 (2)

Celia and Andrew with their favourite shuttle driver, Casey


Lee and Stacia enjoying yummy Caribbean Margaritas on Silver Maple


Lady of leisure with her morning Jo


Loading on the marina shuttle to catch the ferry to their flight home. Boo!



After Stacia, Paul, Celia and Andrew leave, we take a day to prepare and then push off the dock and start our trek back north. The weather is in our favour so we make tracks for West End in the Bahamas, with stops in Allans-Pensacola and Great Sale Cay. West End will be our starting point for the crossing to Ft. Pierce, FL. The night before we leave for Florida, we have a nice visit with Debbie Meeker who lives in Freeport. Originally from Mississauga, she and her family have been family friends of the Potters for years. In fact, Debbie used to baby sit the Potter kids. Lee often refers to Debbie and her sisters, Kim and Shannon, as ‘cousins’.  So great to see her!


The beginning of our trip north leaving Great Guana Cay and heading towards the Whale Cay ocean passage. Hoping the rainbow is a good sign…


On our way north!


We will miss the beautiful blue waters of the Bahamas


Captain on deck


Great day for sailing!

IMG_0197 (1)

Gorgeous! The Abacos Islands are giving us a beautiful send off.


On the move…


Preparing to drop anchor at Allans-Pensacola Cay


Sunrise over Allans-Pensacola


Heading towards Great Sale Cay


Arriving at Great Sale Cay to anchor for the night


Sunset over Great Sale Cay


Early morning on the way towards West End, Bahamas

IMG_0249 (2)

A Dolphin comes to visit


Amazing blue water as we arrive at West End, Bahamas near Freeport

IMG_0256 (1)

Lee with long time family friend, Debbie Meeker

The next morning on February 26th, we cross the Gulf Stream over to the US. It takes us 12 hours to make the crossing to Ft. Pierce, FL. It is a long day!


Early morning start to cross the Gulf Stream to the US. Hey, it’s dark!


Sunrise over West End as we head out

IMG_0264 (2)

We are not alone out here in the dark — lots of cruise ships and freighters!

IMG_0272 (1)

Good morning from the Gulf Stream

IMG_0275 (1)

Full sails and good wind


Our tradition of a photo marking half-way across the Gulf Stream to the US


Thank you Gulf Stream for the lift. We are moving at 9.4 knots! Woohoo!

IMG_0297 (1)

Tough to see, but this is our first view of land on the US side. Almost there!


Dolphins come to escort us in to Ft. Pierce, FL after a long 12 hour trip across from the Bahamas

Since arriving in the US, we have been making our way up the coast the via the Inter-coastal Waterway (ICW). We had hoped to go on the outside to the ocean for some of the trip, but so far the weather has been too unsettled, cold and windy to do that.

IMG_0309 (1)

Sunrise at the Ft. Pierce marina in Florida


Our first draw bridge on the Inter-Coastal Waterway (ICW) in Florida


Approaching our first fixed bridge in Florida. Will we fit?

IMG_0322 (1)

Close one! Yikes!

IMG_0323 (2)

Osprey in the nest along the Inter-Coastal Waterway (ICW) in Florida


No more blue water. Boo!!

IMG_0016 (1)

Approaching the lovely Cocoa Village Marina

IMG_0010 (2)

We watch the launch of the Goes 2 NOAA Satillite from Cape Canaveral while we are staying at Cocoa Beach. Very cool!

IMG_0013 (1)

Dinner at our favourite Thai/Sushi place, the Thai Thai Sushi Bar in Cocoa Beach. We ate there six years ago on our trip south with Silver Maple from Toronto.

IMG_0017 (1)

The NASA building at Cape Canaveral as we pass along the Inter-Coastal Waterway (ICW)

IMG_0019 (1)

Osprey patroling the Manatee slow speed zone

IMG_0024 (1)

Some Florida life on the water

IMG_0025 (1)

Lots of hurricane damage as we head north along the Florida coast

IMG_0026 (2)

We love the pelicans!

IMG_0027 (1)

The quaint New Smyrna City Marina in Florida

IMG_000213 (2)

Lots of wind so sails are up on the ICW

IMG_000215 (2)

Captain at the helm

IMG_0043 (1)

Silver Maple at the New Smyrna City Marina in Florida

IMG_0054 (2)

Eagle! Lots of wild life along the way.

IMG_0055 (1)

Weather has turned cold and windy! Ugh!

IMG_0065 (1)

The ICW (Inter-Coastal Waterway) in Florida

IMG_0072 (1)

The European Village at Palm Coast in Florida

IMG_0076 (1)

Approaching St. Augustine, Florida

IMG_0085 (1)

Walking the historic streets of St. Augustine, Florida

IMG_0087 (1)

Lee in front of the oldest wooden school house in the US located in St. Augustine, Florida

IMG_0089 (1)

Silver Maple at the dock in St. Augustine, FL

IMG_0112 (1)

More hurricane damage as we arrive in Fernandina Beach, Florida

IMG_0121 (1)

Shrimp boat in Georgia just shortly after crossing the border from Florida

IMG_0125 (1)

Approaching the Jekyll Island Marina in Georgia

IMG_0131 (1)

Silver Maple safe and sound on the dock

IMG_0137 (1)

Randy over looking the marina on Jekyll Island

Yesterday we crossed the Florida – Georgia border and we are now at the Jekyll Island Marina in Georgia. Taking a day off from travel today to do some bicycling around the island. Should be fun. Tomorrow we are on the water again. Goal is to be in Annapolis, MD by mid-April. Still a long way to go.

Wishing everyone fair winds!




Living the dream in 2018…

Friday, February 2nd to Monday, February 12th

The weather has been windy and rainy since we got here, so we haven’t been able to get off the dock. Regardless, we’ve been enjoying Hope Town and all the fun people we meet here. Lee is feeling much better and is pretty much back to normal. Yeah! We keep busy with boat chores and just hanging out. Randy has been doing lots of varnishing and waxing. Silver Maple is looking great!


Captain hard at work varnishing the cockpit table


Randy’s work pays off! Table looks amazing!

IMG_0041 (1)

Randy gets a visit from the resident Manatee while he is waxing the hull

IMG_0033 (1)

Saying hello!


Likes a little pat on the head and belly rub. Too cute!


Hope Town harbour looking like a postcard


Lee joins the painting group in Hope Town for the morning


Curly tail lizard poses for Lee while she is painting. Sorry, painting trees and ocean today!


Happy Hour with all our boating friends


In the bar at the Hope Town Inn watching the Superbowl. Yeah, Eagles!


Great a capella group called Shere Khan from Princeton University gives benefit concert in Hope Town

IMG_0028 (1)

Out for dinner at the Abaco Inn on Elbow Cay with friends Gloria and Jim (from Charlotte, NC on Jimandi), Debra and John (from Annapolis, MD on Mandalay) and Louise and Guy (from Vancouver, BC on Miss Ellie)


Out for a beach walk on Elbow Cay


Stopping for a cocktail at On Da Beach half way though our beach walk


Bellying up to the bar at On Da Beach. Lovely spot!


Sunrise over Hope Town Harbour


Hope Town Marina looking lovely at sunrise on Elbow Cay in the Bahamas

Good news! This week, the weather has changed! It’s been gorgeous so we take a trip down to Lynyard Cay and Tahiti Beach.

IMG_0005 (1)

On the water again, finally!

IMG_0001 (1)

Gorgeous day!

IMG_0010 (1)

Sails are up!

IMG_0016 (1)

Lee at the helm

IMG_0008 (1)

Captain says the sails are looking good

IMG_0002 (1)

The delivery boat on its way into Hope Town bringing supplies to the island

IMG_0003 (1)

Captain Randy!

Next week we have visitors coming, Stacia, Paul, and their kids Celia and Andrew from Ann Arbor, MI. It will be cozy with all of us on the boat, but should be really fun. Looking forward to it! Yeah!



The 2018 sailing season is underway…finally!

Thursday, January 11th to Thursday, February 1st, 2018

The start to the 2018 sailing season wasn’t as smooth as we would have liked, but we are here in the Bahamas now, so life is good. Lee contracted something called Valley Fever when we were in Scottsdale in the fall, so Randy went down alone to Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas where Silver Maple is stored to get her prepped and into the water. Then, he single-handed her from Green Turtle Cay, through the Whale Cay ocean passage to Marsh Harbour, where he picked Lee up about a week and a half later after the doctors finally gave her the thumbs up to travel. The sailing season is finally underway!

IMG_0258 (2)

Silver Maple being loaded on the crane at Abaco Yacht Services on Green Turtle Cay


Going into the water


Ready to go!

So, our Bahamian sailing season is underway, but Lee is still taking it easy and continues to recuperate. Much better to rest and heal in the warm weather than in the winter at home in Canada.


Lee with her feet up recuperating


Coffee time!


Beautiful day for a run from Marsh Harbour to Hope Town


Captain Randy is happy to be back

When we arrive in Hope Town, it was like we had never left. All our boating friends are here, as well as some new folks to join the crowd. Randy plays in a Bocce Ball tournament and although he doesn’t win, he somehow manages to score the best looking partner when they do the random draw for teams. Hmm..


Silver Maple settled into her slip at the Hope Town Inn and Marina


Out for lunch at Cracker P’s with cruising friends, old and new


Hope Town Marina and Hope Town Harbour are looking full


View off the back of Silver Maple in our slip at the Hope Town Inn and Marina


Hope Town Inn and Marina


Randy and his Bocce Ball partner, Molly, from Denmark


The competition is fierce… ha!


Game spills onto the beach


More Lee’s speed as she continues to recover

We’ve been mostly taking it easy so Lee can get back on her feet, but there are always chores to do on the boat to keep busy. The weather has been a real mixed bag, with cool temperatures one day, rain the next, then heavy winds and some beautiful warm sunshine thrown in. Next week the weather is supposed to be nice, so hopefully we will be able to get out on the water for some sailing.


Hope Town Lighthouse overlooking Silver Maple


Coffee on a cool morning


Blustery weather


Beautiful day in Hope Town

Stay warm, Everyone!


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Another sailing season comes to an end…

Saturday, April 1st to Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

It is a sure sign of spring… Silver Maple is wrapping up its sailing season. Hard to believe it is over. We’ve had a great time, but we are always happy to be heading home.

We arrive in Green Turtle a few days before our scheduled haul out date to give us time to do some chores around the boat. It also gives us time to catch up with friends and enjoy Green Turtle. Always lovely and quiet here, but this year between road construction, forest and dump fires, staying at the Green Turtle Club is less than perfect. We move over to the Leeward Yacht Club in the next sound over which is a bit further away from the dust and smoke to wait for our day to pull out the boat out of the water.


Dinner at the Green Turtle Club with Linda and Vince (Fortnight)


Beautiful sunset at Green Turtle Cay


Sunset over Silver Maple at the Leeward Yacht Club on Green Turtle Cay


Silver Maple at the newly renovated Leeward Yacht Club. Very nice!

When the day finally arrives, we are ready and the weather is perfect. She is pulled out of the water without a glitch. We then spend the next four days cleaning and putting her to bed. Always a big job.


Ready to go!


…and she is out of the water!


Putting Silver Maple on blocks in the Abaco Yacht Services yard


All tucked in and put to bed


Saying goodbye for another summer


Lovely view from our apartment in New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay, in the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas

Randy with his mean machine, our transportation while we are putting the boat away on Green Turtle Cay

We fly out on Tuesday, April 11th. It takes two days to get home, so it feels like a very long trip. Randy is invited for a weekend golfing with the guys in Florida, so Lee leaves him in Ft. Lauderdale and carries on home via Washington, DC while Randy drives to Port Charlotte, FL for the weekend.


Lee waiting for the ferry to take us to the airport at Treasure Cay


Randy at the ferry dock and ready to go


Gear ready for loading onto the ferry to go to the Treasure Cay airport


Treasure Cay International Airport


Our favourite airport lounge


Randy enjoying his last Bahamian Sands beer


Waiting at the gate. Okay, there are seats inside too, but we like these!



Randy’s first day golfing in Florida. Oh oh! Looks like he is guarding it!


Hmm…what could go wrong here?



He’s not going to let it go. Guess it is his ball now! Yikes!

Back at home in Canada, the weather feels spring-like, but there is still ice on the lake. Great weather for raking and cleaning up before the bugs come out.


The lake is still frozen at home, but looks like the ice will go out soon

Well, that’s it for another season. Wish you all fair winds and following seas. Until next time! Cheers!